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September 2, 2015
The Lump | |

Cancer Research UK

"It's easy to ignore something, especially when we're busy.  But spotting cancer sooner could save your life." Viewers watch while a giant, unavoidable lump grows out of the sidewalk, getting bigger and bigger.  Cameras are focused on the lump to capture the reactions, or more to the point, non-reactions, of pedestrians as they hustle by. This simple social experiment is an innovative way to hold a mirror up to our tendency to be so preoccupied that we don't check if everything's ok. Which becomes dangerous when it comes to spotting signs of cancer. This clever campaign spot makes us pause and think about how we would respond to a cancer symptom. By spotting the signs early, and responding appropriately, you give yourself the best possible chance of beating cancer.

Cancer Research UK  has a wealth of information about beating cancer early, available for anyone with any questions , including the website and nurse helpline.

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