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July 22, 2016
Gay Turtle | |

Amnesty International Turkey

Amnesty International Turtle's gay turtle “hidden camera” spot is a clever, and sad, illustration of the absurdity of  homophobia. Homophobic violence has been rampant in turkey, causing hundreds of hate crimes and more than 41 deaths in the last five years. Turkey and this approach attempts to diffuse the high emotion with a humorous approach highlighting the discrimination LGBT people face daily.  The camera captures 3 days in a pet store as prospective turtle buyers ooh and aah over the cute turtles.  When the salesperson mentions that the turtle they’ve chosen to buy is gay,  buyers all change their minds and express discomfort and even anger at the inappropriateness or indecency of the idea that this seemingly cute turtle could be gay.  The film ends with the message: "Love is love. Hate is a choice."

"Love is love. Hate is a choice."

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