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October 6, 2015
Save the Boundary Waters | |

Save the Boundary Waters

This straightforward, whiteboard-style animation breaks down the the Save the Boundary Waters advocacy campaign into simple chunks of information that tells the whole story in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Viewers learn the features that make the Boundary Waters the most visited wilderness area, the risks facing it from proposed sulfide-ore copper mining on the wilderness edge, and what you can do to help preserve 1 million acres of pristine water and unspoiled woodlands. A single mine in this watershed would continually pollute the wilderness for at least 500 years, endangering a critical habitat for wildlife and incomparable scenery and peacefulness. In addition, The Boundary Waters is the economic lifeblood of northeastern Minnesota's lucrative tourism industry, generating $852 million per year in economic benefits and 18,000 jobs that support local families and businesses.  All this creates a compelling case to sign the petition to protect the Boundary Waters through the withdrawal of 243,000 acres in the Superior National Forest from the federal mineral leasing program before President Obama leaves office.

One of America’s most important wilderness areas is threatened by sulfide mining—a toxic mining practice never before allowed in Minnesota. Sign the Petition and Say No to mining in the gorgeous Boundary Waters.

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