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October 27, 2014
Is It Factory Farmed? | |

In this humorous video from Food and Water Watch, two happy patrons  about the waitress' explanations regarding the menu's factory-farmed chicken and how it was raised: fed unnecessary antibiotics, inhumane living conditions, dipped in a chemical cocktail to remove fecal matter, and barely inspected. With all the shock videos out there on this issue, it is refreshing to see humor used to inform on detrimental health and environmental issues and to advocate against a USDA rule to deregulate poultry inspections,  replacing trained government inspectors with untrained company employees and increasing slaughter line speeds from 140 to 175 birds per minute. The "Filthy Cicken Rule" was implemented in July, all the more reason to consider the narrator's query: "Would you really eat chicken if you knew the facts?”

Only Superman could inspect 175 chickens per minute. Eliminating government inspectors and replacing them with chicken company employees may save a few dollars, but at too high a price.Watch the video to find out what's really in your chicken.
Tell President Obama and Secretary Vilsack to abandon their "Filthy Chicken Rule."

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