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October 23, 2014
Hidden Costs: Light Pollution | |

Dark Sky

Very few of us ever get to experience complete darkness. This cool video, shot on the streets of Seattle, uses special effects including Light Painting techniques, timelapses and hologram to capture the brilliance (and the tyranny) of our city’s night lights.  The succinct explanation of the costs beyond inability to observe the beauty of the sky is both poetic, and packed full of information. Excessive exposure to unnatural light, including the perpetual glow of electronic devices, disrupts migratory, hunting, breeding and sleep cycles. The loss of darkness disorients wildlife, wastes resources and impacts human health increasing incidence of chronic fatigue, vision disorders migraines, sexual dysfunction and prostrate cancer.

Minimize your own light waste by opting for low wattage bulbs whenever possible and be sure to keep your lights off when you don’t need them.Learn more about light pollution and get involved with night sky conservation at the International Dark-Sky Association.

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